Don Reynolds '41


December 1, 2008

Hi Greeleys.

Hope thanksgiving was a good weekend.
Hope you have tuned into our communications center 
to see the fine work our dedicated editor, Lucia (Crocheron) Greer, has done during the past couple of years,  We want to bec ome more inclusive but need your help.
If you check the title page (Great School Picture icon) you will see we need photos, yearbook views, etc from various classes.  l940 and '44 all the way thru '50 would be welcome.  Most  of the class views already established were from xerox copies, if like me, you're a "lotech".
Reply to this note if you have a yearbook.  If you have other alumni we don't know of, tell them to send me their email addresses.  Let me know if you'd like to proceed further for the
"Old Guard'". If you have access to school pictures from the Forties pls let me hear.
Kindest Regards,
Roving Editor



... under "Your input and feedback" faithfully "gathered"...."Through" an unexpected........under SEEKNING we are "seeking" photos.....Is HGHS ....under class of 1939 click "photo" identify faculty on Class of '41 section....l to r,,,Ms Ohara, Mr Burgess,Dr Bell, Ms (Malichard( Miles,Ms Hanley,Ms (Walker) Collins,Mr Twining, Ms Allworth, Mr Clark, Ms Kurson,Mr Houmeil, Ms Stewart,Ms Taggart, (don't know) Mr. Oakes

That;s all for now,




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Date: 12/23/2006 10:31:30 A.M. Central Standard Time
From: Saldonreyn
To: Luciagreer2


We are hooking up well with the two meaningful sites, '57 and '60.

If you hear from or about Dave, He is Dave Williams, sitemaker '60class

If you hear from or about Bill, He is Bill Miller, who provides '57 class

'57 is working on a reunion (their 50th it will be for autumn 2007) and hell or highwater excluded, I;ll be there wiith as many old guarders as can be enc ouraged when the time gets closer.

Merry Christmas


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Subj: Chick posting
Date: 12/22/2006 5:12:21 P.M. Central Standard Time
From: ArtPollock
To: Saldonreyn

Very nice tribute. Thanks so much. He's had some very good days recently. This is an up-and-down disease. We will spend Christmas Day with him.
By the way, I played choirmaster (and closet drunk) Simon Stimson in our junior class production of Our Town in the fall of 1963.
Have a great Christmas!
Love and peace, ART

In a message dated 12/22/2006 12:40:08 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, Saldonreyn writes:
Hi Art,

I have linked our l930-50 site with '57 and '60 sites for HG.

If you google HGHS alumni, mouse the top entry, and go the class of '57, followed by FYI you will see a new entry I've posted in Dad's honor. Let me know if you find it.

Merry Christmas




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Date: 12/22/2006 1:27:40 P.M. Central Standard Time
From: Saldonreyn
CC:, Luciagreer2

Hi to both of my younger alumni friends.

Bill, as I recall you asked something to the nature of "how do we put this merger together"? For our "Old Guard" entry, beginning thru 1950 at Bell School (nee Horace Greeley School), the bond is architecture and something stronger. I've never heard any high school my 83 bonkers about their school days as this group.

I believe part of the loyalty is that great little "downtown", Cadman;s Pharmacy, etc, that Dave seduces all with on his site. I can only surmise that transplanting the last four years to a location between "town" and Mt Kisco would tend to minimize our emotion toward exhibit A. And that may be why we who did it all in "the center of town" have dis covered this fondness. I did many more exciting things,,the Thames to the Rhine in one piece for one, and while I get a kick out of Normandy, Brittany, and Paris, etc, it's not the same. Fraternity and college gatherings are, for me, not the same as King Street and Greeley Avenue

The "mid-century alumni", graduates with similar interests and recall...not to be exclusive, but entirely practical, are the people who would attract.

A mountain out of a mole hill?

Merry Christmas,

Don '41




Believing the strongest bond with Chappaqua school days is the original "Horace Greeley", that fieldstone, Tudor, architectural masterpiece on such a hokey named location as "Senter" Street, I think the "vintage" classes, the Depression Dandies who provided for the "Boomers" are the most truly relevant and believing alumni available. Dr, Bell brought it all about in 1929 and stayed long enough to forge the system. Going to school in the same building with upper classes --, grades 3-12 may be old school, but it worked.

Class of '41 was the 10th graduating class and I believe the middle-school concept was applied in '58 when the school was renamed"Bell School".. I cannot locate the final year of graduation from "Horace Greeley (Center St). or find the total number of graduating classes from the HS near the Digest. Any efforts to localize the interested alumni to the original building--then base for Edith Sliker, Ruth Walker, Julia and Ed Twining, Herb Oakes, Pete Houmiel and Sylvia there's the "tie that binds." We went to that school because it was there, not because it was a choice topic for a college admissions interview.

You're a good girl, charley brown.


Don Reynolds