Dear Greeley Alum:

I am proud to announce the release of the biography of legendary Greeley instructor, Edwin Barlow. Ten years of research and writing has resulted in this carefully crafted tale of Mister Barlow's life before, during, and after his stint at our high school.

Here, for the first time, all your questions will be answered and all the rumors will be put to rest. What remains is the very human story behind his enigmatic persona -- of a man whose dreams and life were shattered, only to rebuild himself into a unique and legendary force in education.

For anyone interested in a story of one of Greeley's greatest teachers, of a man who epitomizes the Greatest Generation, of a journey from despair to redemption, or for anyone just interested in a great human mystery, I hope you'll visit and order your copy today.

Act soon -- there is a substantial discount for Greeley Alumni.

Please forward to all Greeley alumni. I would be forever grateful!

Lawrence Meyers '84