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Date: 1/7/2007 8:26:27 P.M. Central Standard Time
From: TDorisart@aol.com
To: Lucia Crocheron Greer '42X

THANK YOU for writing. I have been sick with high blood pressure and did not answer. lSorry. I am another yo-yo as Dad bought me a house in FL and I went to Chicago to work in Showbuz aftter performing from Greenland to South America and loving it. Worked a lot in New England to Maine also. then I did Miami and lived for years on the beach, performing "Portraits in Song" combining song, dance, art and comedy, sketching a portraitt o a patron while singing.

I've been stuck on my book cause I have 18 pages in the Appendix of quotes from books by doctors, elucidating material in the text, hopefully enlightening Stroke famiies about "Crying" "Aphasia" "dependency" etc. But waiting several months for permission from publishers has made me slow down. I may call them, or ignore them and call it fair use.

I do think the book will do well, however as I had a story in the American Stroke Association magazine a year ago and will have one in the 2007 Nov/Dec issue called "the Girdle". By then the book should be out. Also the Nat. Aphasia Association and the Nat. Stroke Assoc should have something in their magazine.

I still dont remember you. Were you in our class? I will try to go to your web. My paintings are on "artassociatesmartinco.com." I must put prices and media on there.

Bye for now.

Doris Thursston '41

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